Holistic-Lifestyle-Art © contains the application of an "integral way of life " as an art from to design its life "more consious and more energetic"!

 This contains 5 columns as abase with the areas: Diet, Movement, Health, creativity and conscousness.

The areas consist of the different individual topics together such as Breathing; Yoga; Painting; Dance; Meditation; Relaxing and some other.(overview contents)

 The individual topics are worked out in lectures or workshop's, together and integrated in the existing knowledge of the participants.

 With Holistic-Lifestyle-Art © the diverent individual topics are connected to a network with each other and made a consiousness picture


Holistic-Lifestyl-Art © was a characterized by the works of following personalities fundamentally. By the evolution of a new consciousness Holistic-Lifestyl-Art © will mediated and used it.

 Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg among other, put with the "knowledge of the quantum physics" a foundation stone for a new "Western-World view".

Fritjof Capra described us an approach of the "western-dualistic-science" and the eastern philosphiy of the "integral philosophy of being" in the book the "Tao of physics".

Carlos Castaneda described with the work of " Don Juan's teachings" the solution of the classic dissolved from room and time, in favor the intuition of a "way with heart".


Wilhelm Reich has succeeded in a breakthrough with the discovery of the Orgon in the area of the life energy and its effects.

Transcendental meditation was excellently an importen step by Maharischi Mahesh Yogi and the introduction in the area of the medition. Its documents are trend-setting.

The knowledge of the Ayurveda as the oldest integral" knowledge about nature healing", the book of the changes "I-Ging", and the Harmony systems of "Ying and Yang" has influenced the thinking of the western world.

Alexander Lowen has contributed with the Bioenergetic to clarify the consciousness of the interplay for our "body and mind".

 Deepack Chopra has buildig up a new view of the reality from the "Ayurveda" and the knowledge of the "quantum physics" In a wonderful way it will show us in this act the interplay of consciousness and matter.

James Redfield has shown possiblities of different facet of consciousness with the "knowledge of Celestine".

 Masaru Emoto with the book "the answer of the water" has turned out well to document a direct interaction in its "water crystal photos" of consciousness and matter.

 David Wagner und Dr. Gabriel Cousens develped in the area of activation the self-healing strengths, the Tachyon energy". It represents an integral model, man finds to his original natural existence again.

Dolores Krieger und Dora Kunz developed the education of "Therapeutic Touch" promoted by "Van Praag institut" in Utrecht. They work with the energy field to harmony it for to support the self-healing strengths. This methode is already appreciated far more and spread in its application in America than in Europe.


 Joseph Beuys has caused an essential expansion of the consciousness with his work about the relationship of "art and human being".It doesn't come to be an artits in the conventional meaning, but on this, it is more suitable to use the creative potential of your own intrinsicality.